Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Baby Thornton - Week 13

Wow, another week has already gone by. Shannon is complaining that she's getting bigger. I keep telling her that she's pregnant. It's normal. She should just be glad she has an excuse (as opposed to me).

Cool things going on with the baby this week include:

1. The baby now has fingerprints.

2. The baby's head is now only 1/3 the size of it's entire body. (Luckily this is expected to decrease even more, except for the unfortunate few that seem to keep this ratio fairly constant. You know the people I'm talking about :)... ).

3. Last thing, we're now into the second trimester, which means less morning sickness for most people!!

This week is going to be great. We're both really excited about going back to Salt Lake to be with family for Christmas!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little Baby Thornton - Week 12

I'm loving it. There is now a recognizable baby in Shannon's womb. Alot of things happen this week that are awesome...

1. Face is now unquestionably human.

2. Eyes move from the side, to the front of the head. Thanks heavens. What were they doing on the side in the first place?

3. Ears are in place.

4. Little Baby Thornton is now the size of a lime.

Shannon's starting to feel better with longer amounts of time in between bouts of morning sickness. I keep getting more excited as the weeks go by. I can't believe how fast time is going by, although Shannon wouldn't agree. If it were up to her I think she'd like to fast forward her life to the day after birth. We're also starting to get excited about Christmas in Utah.